The principle of our concept is to offer our guests an exquisite taste. Our meat is specially selected from farms we work with in the north of Turkey. We then use a dry aged method.

Our meat is rested for a minimum of 27 days at 0 to 4 degrees. It is then prepared by our expert kitchen staff to give you a unique Gourmet BBQ experience.

. In short, this is the story of the journey lovingly made, from farm to plate.

Our meat is specially selected for its quality from the Balikesir – Genen – Usak region

Our meat is prepared in the finest detail to ensure its tenderness .

The dry-aging process protects the meat and enriches its flavour. The level of moisture is set between 65% and 80% to give optimum protection. The fridge is set to 0 degrees and doesn’t ever go over 4 degrees.

At this stage the meat that is served off the bone is separated. Between 10% to 25% is lost. This plays an important role in the flavour of the meat

The grill is heated on a high flame to seal the meat. It is then cooked to perfection, rested for 100 – 120 seconds then served to your table.